So much hatred towards one successful guy? Trump has lived in Biden’s head since he took power and moved into the White House. Is it the fear that Trump might initiate something that could cost him the presidency?

Biden is just the laughing stock all over the world at the moment. The clown, the marionette doll. Recently he told school kids that part of his job is, to avoid answering questions from media. Biden should have told them the truth which is, why the administration does not want him to answer questions.

Let’s Go, Brandon. The new Slogan show Biden how much the people disagree with all his decision he makes.

Hatred towards Americans

The Biden Admin has decided to pay Reparations to Illegal Aliens. Foreigners who came into the country without invitation and legal status get an apology and a huge amount of cash. The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation. That makes a million dollars for a family of illegal aliens while in the meantime American families becoming poor by the day.

Families of those who die in wars get less money. If you get killed in a war, your family will receive 100,000 Dollars from the government. That is less than a quarter of what Sleepy Joe intends to give illegal aliens for the inconvenience of being deported. Once again, illegal aliens are being offered 450,000 dollars a piece. Not even 9/11 victims were receiving this amount of money. But foreigners who have no respect for the law and system hitting the jackpot.

And there is Trump again he wants to fight off. Not one single day, where Sleepy Joe does not mention or think about Trump. That hate is so deep that Biden is willingly destroying the whole country. He does not care about the open border and the caravans of migrants coming into the country. 1.000 Texas Troopers and Rangers have been sent down to our southern border. They are bracing for that arrival. Joey could fix this at any moment but he chooses illegal immigration over fixing the broken system.

More Migrants on the Move

The Biden Administration just continues on this illegal Immigration route and all it’s doing is encouraging more people to make this. The Caravan that we are seeing of thousands of people is only the shiny object. Underneath that, these folks aren’t controlled by the Cartel. These are kind of a local organization that has put these together. So what you are not seeing is the thousands of folks who are run by the cartel continue to make it over southern borders. It is only going to get worse until this administration stands up and does something.

Among the caravans are ppl. in wheelchairs and lots of Kids in Strollers. Instead of the Administration focusing on legal Immigration reform they have chosen to go down the illegal route. Just look at the reconciliation package, the package is amnesty for about 10 Million Folks. What is not in the package of trillions of dollars is nothing for border Patrol. Kevin McCarthy last week held a round table to discuss it.

He repeated that the “majority” of his Republican conference would vote against a bipartisan infrastructure bill when it comes to the House floor, arguing the party is against the proposal because Democrats have tied it to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. On separate legislation, the leader said if the Senate were to pass a “clean” continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown later in the day, he would vote yes.

Biden visiting the Pope

“We just talked about the fact that he was happy I was a good Catholic,” Biden said, adding that Francis told him he should continue to receive Communion.

It was a significant statement from the pope on an issue that has stirred political and spiritual controversy over the relationship between politicians who support abortion rights and the church.

Conservative Catholic bishops in the United States are arguing that political leaders who support abortion rights should not receive Communion — the ritual where a priest consecrates bread and wine and then shares it with believers — and the issue is slated for debate during an upcoming episcopal meeting in Baltimore. Because the proposal gained steam after Biden’s election, it’s been viewed as a rebuke of the president.


This administration is going to destroy the country. A VP who is never around and does not do her job and a president who is more on vacation than in the office taking care of business. Joey is a complete disaster and should be impeached.

Finally, a video from our Australian neighbors and what they think of Joey.

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