We were buying new furniture for our Living Room. A sitting area and a new couch. It was necessary since the old furniture did not look too pleasant anymore. No wonder, after so many years of usage. So now the shopping began. But first, we took measurements and made a plan for how to set them up.

Who does not know the hustle of shopping? And that also includes online shopping. I spend hours and days just to find the right furniture I wanted in our Living Room. It had to be cheap and modern. But also robust and durable. We saw some furniture we would like but the price range didn’t fit our wallet.

Checking furniture stores

So since we were not able to actually see the product, in reality, being on the online store, we made the decision to go to nearby furniture stores. In this way, we were able to compare the products and the price range on site. We did fall in love with a real nice-looking couch and we decided to buy it. Until we called the Store. The couch was not on display in the showroom for viewing. Unfortunately only available online. There was only one problem: if we don’t like the product for whatever reason, there is no right of return.

We did not feel like taking a risk like that. But they had another one in the store, and I fell in love with it until we found out, that the details of the dimensions of height and depth were interchanged. Since the length was way too long for our purposes we had to look for a different one. Sadly this particular Store didn’t provide any other Products for the price range we were looking for. So we headed to the next store.

A shop with lots of offers and low prices. Which does not necessarily mean cheap quality. After searching around in the store and do some test sit on the Sofa’s in the showroom we made a final decision. We also found the perfect sitting area in the same store. Now we just had to find the seller to close the deal.

The Catch

I know you are waiting on the Catch. We would need the furniture to be delivered, assembled, and the old furniture to be taken away. Of course, these costs have to be paid extra. No doubt. But get this. The costs depend on the purchase value of the goods purchased.

In our case, with a purchase value of almost 1000 EUR, there would be an additional 500 EUR in costs. Not acceptable.

Plan B

What is Plan B?

  • Rent a Truck
  • Ask a friend if he can help assemble it
  • Dismantling and removal of the old furniture in the rental truck

Luckily the Truck was free of charge. The friend was the husband of my ex-coworker, who also had all the tools we needed. We were all set. Finally, we signed the contract and bought the sitting area.

The hassle of assembling the furniture

Who tells you that everything will be so easy and done in no time, never assembled furniture. We started early in the morning so we would be done in a few hours. Unfortunately, this would not occur.

After unpacking, we started screwing the parts together. It seems to be so smooth. Until we found damage on one of the pieces. After checking them all, we ended up, exchanging 4 of them, including one chair. We spend a lot of time driving back and forth from the store to the warehouse and home.

So when we finally finished up the last piece, we ended up spending the whole day. But it is really necessary, to check on each piece to make sure there is no damage. It saves you lots of trouble for later.

For our Sofa, we found an online store, which gave us a decent price including everything we needed to be done. Delivery and assembly took place smoothly and quickly.




Best Tips

What do you need to do before you decide to get new furniture?

  • Measure and draw up a plan
  • Compare Prices and Stores
  • Inspect furniture if possible
  • Test sit and inspect the fabric
  • When you unpack the parts, carefully inspect them for hidden damage

If you follow everything, you will enjoy your new furniture for a long time.

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