Buying the carrier

When buying a carrier, whether, for a dog or a cat, we are always faced with the same problem. What do you have to consider when buying?

  1. The size of the animal
  2. The weight of the animal
  3. Is it possible for the cat, the dog to turn around in the transporter?
  4. Top opening and front opening, which one is better
  5. Carrying bag or cage
  6. Backpack or would you prefer a wicker basket?

Back then we bought a normal transporter for our cats. A cage. With a mesh door at the front that can be opened. The first had a plastic screen door. But it didn’t last long before the plastic broke off. So we had to buy another carrier. This time with a more stable metal screen door.

In my opinion, these carriers are anything but comfortable. The cat sits inside, like in a prison. As long as the cat is small, it can still turn around, but it also gets bigger, and what then? The next problem, how do I get them into the carrier? Forget YouTube videos, everything looks so simple and the cats are always so easy to handle. Our cats become predators if you try to squeeze them into the transporter.

Even the trick of letting the legs slide in first, because the cage is being set up, never really worked. Remember, there are 4 legs. Because one tries in vain to get the hind legs in, the front legs are spread apart, the claws come out and the blood starts flowing. After countless attempts and contortions, the cat is finally inside and then you have to be quick to lock the door. Conclusion: cage only recommended for experienced cat catchers.

Transport bag

These are currently very popular for transportation. After all, they are particularly suitable for travel by plane. Low weight, shoulder strap, foldable, and also have breathable mesh fabric to ensure air circulation inside the box. They are also equipped with soft pillows. But here, too, it is important to ensure that you choose the right size, so please always measure your pet beforehand.

Weight also plays a major role. The bag should always be adapted to the weight of your cat. Also, make sure that the transport bag does not press into the cat from above. It should already be stable. We also got two such bags. Over time, however, I noticed that the bag tended to tip over when the cat moved more. Chloe almost fell off the table once, at the vet.

But now you also have your problems with the transport bag like you put your cat in the bag. As with the cage, the same principle as with the rear feet first when the bag is set up. But there is also an alternative. I always kept the bags at home with the door open and Chloe slept in them. So they got used to the bag. With Chloe, it was even easier to lure her into the transport bag with treats.

The slightly different kind of carrier

I think you’ve probably seen the strangest carrier. Whether on FB or other online stores such as Amazon or Zooplus. Here, I would like to introduce you to a few.

Cat Backpack Carrier Black – FancyWhoop Pet Backpack Bubble Rucksack Carry Cats & Back Pack Clear Carrying Capsule Space Backpack. Breathable and Unique Design: BackPack for cats have 9 large Ventilation Holes on both sides and front, left and right ventilation nets ensure fresh air for your pets, Unique transparent design makes your pet can also enjoy the sunshine and scenery on the way

TRMESIA Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack with Clear Bubble Airline Approved Backpack for Fat Cat Small Dog Kitten Puppy Rabbits Animals Guinea Pig Spacious Expand Carry Bag for Vet and Outdoor Travel. Excellent Ventilation – Nine-hole design for better air permeability.Ventilation holes and large mesh panels on the front and sides of the backpack for ventilation.PC + Oxford cloth material, safe and non-toxic, waterproof, easy Clean, and Lightweight. Internal fastening buckles can prevent the pet from running away or getting lost when the bag is open.

Wicker basket

Willow cat baskets are also very popular. The metal screen can also be removed. The wicker basket has a deadweight of 1.5 kg. They are also equipped with matching pillows. A slightly different transport option for your cat but also suitable for small dogs.

The wicker basket also offers a retreat in your own home for the cat. Is also often used as a place to sleep.

Wicker Basket

The number 1

As you noticed, we tried different carriers. Our choice fell on a slightly larger, more stable model. Since our Mia is a little chubby and also weighs 7 kg, we needed a transporter for larger and heavier cats. I then looked at all of the products. From to Amazon.

The first product from immediately caught her attention and she also went to sleep in it. The problem was with the outdoor enclosure that you had to move out of. This part made me sweat a lot. I managed to pull it out, but then I couldn’t push it back in. Therefore the bag was sent back.

After a long rummage through all the pages with products that I found on Amazon, I opted for a somewhat larger and sturdy bag. Actually, it is more of a transport box. I have already seen this box on FB at some animal welfare organizations. It is used as a bed for cat mothers and their babies. There is also enough space for everyone. My Mia was immediately enthusiastic. She slept in it day and night for two weeks. I can really highly recommend it.

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