Santa does not come to a city full of grinches but illegal aliens do since they are welcomed by them. The USA has a big supply problem and it looks like the shelves will stay empty for a while. Everything you are waiting for is in these containers. Cargo ships are circling the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. They are waiting to offload critical household goods and manufacturing supplies.

Santa is not making it to the Kids this year

They used to offload their containers right away after arriving off the coast of the two southern California ports and get new ones loaded back in their place. Not so anymore. Products are trapped in the port of Long Beach. There are 62 ships containing the equivalent of about 200,000 20-foot containers.

But what is causing the hold-up? A reason the US supply chain can’t handle this much freight is the massive shortage of workers needed to move it all. The problem lies with the lack of workers further down the supply chain: the truckers and the warehouse workers who are needed to handle freight once it leaves the ports.

Santa does not bring the supplies

I know you tell your kids about Santa bringing the gifts. But what are you telling your Kids this year if Santa has a delay? Does Santa’s story end this year? Do you now have to show your offspring the sobering reality and destroy Illusion Santa? Aren’t there no children’s eyes shining under the Christmas tree this year?

The cargo might reach its destination but there are only a few workers handling the freight because warehouse workers are in short supply nationwide. But why is that?

  1. Long hours and the work takes drivers away from home for extended periods of time. Even with payraise they rather work for less money but spend more time at home
  2. Most of the truckers are local drivers – drivers who are among the lowest paid in the industry
  3. There were already a shortage of 61,500 truck drivers before the pandemic
  4. Vaccine mandatory also has a big impact, employees quitting their jobs when being forced to get vaccinated

Big employers like Amazon and Walmart are in a “brutal war for frontline workers,” which makes it impossible to demand workers get vaccinated and keep stores and warehouses open. It’s too easy for workers who don’t want to be vaccinated to quit and find another job with a less strict employer or a gig job like DoorDash. But besides the shipping problems, the U.S. is facing a border crisis as well.

No stop on illegal aliens

There are illegals coming into the southern borders not only from Mexico but also from 150 other Countries. An estimated amount of 1.7 Million Undocumented Immigrants entering the USA so far this year. And there are more to come. Thousands of Migrants from Latin America are in southern Mexico preparing to join a caravan to start their journey toward the U.S.

“More than 2,000 people have applied to leave the city. And if we have 2,000 applicants, that means there are really more like 6,000 people.” Migrant Children pour into Westchester County on flights chartered by the Feds and the number of Flights is increasing. Former Westchester County Executive Rod says that they have no answers about basic questions, like who is coming here, where are they being settled or taken to? What is their vaccination status?

This has everything to do with the government not giving American People information that affects their lives. They are secretly flying kids from the border at night. This is going on since Biden is in the office. In the last eight months, he’s released more than 600,000 people into the United States. They cross the border illegally. There are footage and pictures of what is going on. This is happening over and over again. And they have been doing it in secrecy.

Easy Money for Cartels

Criminal Cartels and organizations do not listen to words. They listen to actions and the action of the administration has been very clear. If you cross our borders you will be rewarded. Obviously, they get here and are allowed to come in and were flown around in charter planes. The Rest of the world understands that the borders are completely open.

Release into the United States. Based upon that promise that their actions have clearly shown, these cartels are able to generate billions of dollars of profit every single year. In human smuggling alone, this does not count drugs, the criminal cartels are making over $400 Million a month. That is an astronomical amount. We’ve never seen the profits of the cartels be as high as it is under the Biden administration.

Planes are seen lined up at Laughlin air force base in Texas
Military Planes are flying illegals around the country

The Pentagon has confirmed that they are using an Air Force base in Texas to fly illegal immigrants on passenger planes across the country to be resettled in the U.S. Biden has enlisted the U.S. military to move illegal immigrants secretly around the country.

And it will not stop until the people will stand up. Sadly there are still a lot of Biden Supporter who do not see anything wrong coming from this administration. But Biden and Kamala are the laughing stock around the globe.

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