The situation on the border with Poland is becoming more and more critical, refugees pouring into the country by the thousands. For the European Union, the matter is clear: it is an attempt at blackmail by the Belarusian despot Alexander Lukashenko. About state-controlled human trafficking. Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen speaks of a ‘hybrid attack’. This aggression should not go unanswered.

After the EU imposed sanctions against Belarus for human rights violations this spring, Lukashenko announced that he no longer wanted to stop refugees on their way to Europe. However, he does more than just that: he deliberately flies them in from abroad.

According to estimates by the German government, 800 to 1000 migrants land in Belarus every day. Most of them come from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran. The authoritarian President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, meanwhile also accused the EU of waging a “hybrid war”. ‘And you bastards, madmen, want me to protect you from migrants?’ He said on Belarusian television.

Refugees at the borders


Three groups of migrants managed to overcome border fences or rolls of barbed wire in three places. In total, around 350 people came to Poland and the EU. However, everyone was picked up and sent back to Belarus. Everybody wants to go to Germany. But this is insane. We did not ask for them to come, neither are our countries’ Paradises. The citizens of Germany or other EU countries are struggling to survive, special since Corona.

And then these refugees come and expect us to welcome them with open arms and care for them. Many of them are violent and young men. Photos with women and children are mostly shown for PR purposes.

The state-owned Belarusian airline Belavia has imposed a flight ban on people from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen from Turkey to Belarus. The airline announced that the decision was based on a corresponding order from Ankara. The flight ban will therefore apply from today.

Human Trafficking

The majority of the arrested smugglers who help migrants from Belarus to flee to the European Union apparently live in Germany. ‘Most of the reported cases’ concern the arrest of drivers ‘who enable irregular migrants (mostly from Syria, but also from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Yemen) to get to Germany in rented cars through Poland’.

In most cases, the drivers are from third countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, or Turkey, ‘who live in Germany’. However, Belarusians were also among the arrested people smugglers. who held a Polish Schengen visa and Syrians living in the Netherlands. According to a report by the EU Commission, Germany and Finland are the main destinations for migrants who are currently on the Polish EU external border.

More than 100 Migrants from Belarus are coming across the german-Poland border illegally into Germany on a daily basis. Also Latvia and Lithuania. Lithuania has started building a border wall to keep the migrants out.

Violent Refugees

Don’t be softened by the images you see on the internet. They just want to show us these poor women and children who have to stay outside in the cold and suffer. The majority of Refugees are Men, Young Men. And this is how the migrants are coming into the EU from third World Country. More than 5000 Migrants came to Germany crossing the borders from Belarus and Poland. The route is well organized and goes through Turkey.

The majority of the migrants come from Northern Iraq. You book a flight through the travel agency Top Travel. This travel agency is currently mainly selling trips to Belarus. A young guy wants to go from Belarus to Germany. If there is a way and the smugglers are trustworthy. He heard that the route via Turkey is cheap and good.

At first, all he has to do is pay for the plane ticket via Istanbul, which costs around 1000 euros. Later, in addition to hotel costs, there are also costs for visas and smugglers in Belarus. The cost is between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.

And when things don’t go their way, they become violent. They try to use force to gain access to the promised land.

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