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Only Mine is an American dramatic thriller based on a true story broadcast on Netflix. However, the story is based on a specific case, namely the kidnapping of Laura Kucera in 1995.

The film tells the story of Julie, an aspiring student. She works in a diner. On the way to work, she is stopped by the young police officer David. Julie takes an interest in the cop and begins a relationship with him. But it quickly turns out that David is a ‘control freak’. He is obsessed with Julie and controls her entire life.

David also tells Julie about his ex-girlfriend and plays the role of victim. Julie quickly feels cornered and wants to end the relationship. Then David makes her life hell. He spreads lies about her locally and hacked her emails. Julie makes contact with David’s ex-girlfriend, but she does not get any answer.

But David followed her and drove her off the road. When Julie tries to flee from him, he shoots her in the back and in the head. Believing she’s dead, he just leaves her there. But Julie survives and swears vengeance.

Only Mine

Who is Laura Kucera?

Laura Kucera was 19 years old when she was kidnapped by Brian Anderson in 1995. Anderson wasn’t a cop like David in the movie, but Laura’s ex-boyfriend was also. Laura already had a restraining order against the 22-year-old. He shot her, twice in the head and once in the shoulder.

Laura was left unconscious in a ditch for four days before Anderson led authorities to her body. According to the Chicago Tribune, Laura survived and said that Anderson said the following before shooting her: ‘If I can’t have you, no one else will.’

Anderson, 22, who the judge called a ‘coward’, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the crime. Laura did physiotherapy for over 50 days and learned to walk again and to use her arms to some extent. However, she was tragically killed in a car accident on September 15, 1995, on the way to see her grandmother.

Netflix original – The Intruder

The Intruder tells the story of a couple who buy their dream home. The former owner, played by Dennis Quaid, makes a serious impression at first. He tells the couple how much he loves his house and the wonderful memories associated with it. The couple quickly found out that it was difficult for the owner to say goodbye to his home.

The husband, played by Michael Ealy, is quickly annoyed by the guest’s unannounced visit. Quite different is Annie, played by Meagan Good, who takes pity on the permanent guest. But the former homeowner’s continued interest is increasingly turning into an obsession with the new owners. He begins to bully the couple and the danger to the couple grows.

A very well staged thriller that casts a spell on everyone. You will not be bored. I can recommend this film to anyone who loves thrills and excitement.

the intruder

The Guilty

I’m usually not that into films where you focus on a few actors. But this movie really got me under its spell. The patrolman Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) has been temporarily transferred to the emergency call center because of an upcoming court case. Then he received an emergency call from a woman who asks for help. She claims that she has been kidnapped by her ex.

A race against time begins. Joe stays in touch with the caller and tries to find out where she is and where her ex wants to take her. She tells Joe that her two children are alone in the apartment. Joe tries everything to find the vehicle and stop it. He involves the cops and gives them a vague clue about where the kidnapper is.

The caller manages to stay on the line. Joe learns the whole story and finds out where the apartment is located and sends a patrol over to check on the children. Over the phone he overhears the police breaking into the apartment and hears the caller’s daughter talking to the police officers, repeatedly mentioning that her little brother is in the other room. She says he’s asleep and mustn’t be woken up. The officers finally make a gruesome find. The brother lies in his bed covered in blood with his stomach slashed.

Still focused on the ex and believing that he has something to do with the crime, he is quickly taught better. The end of the film has a surprising twist that the viewer did not expect. It came as a surprise to me too. Top movie with a top star cast.

The guilty

Concrete cowboy

This star-cast film, Idris Elba, features the Philadelphia community of black cowboys. Concrete Cowboys may not be based on a true story, but the community it represents is very real. It is about a difficult-to-educate boy who is deported from his mother to his father.

It describes the constructive relationship between the two and the love for horses that also spreads to the boy. The father also forbids him to interact with his friend because he is involved in drug deals. But the boy still meets with him again and again. Until one night his friend is shot in front of his eyes.

Idris Elba describes this film with the words:

It’s a real community that exists now and has been a part of Philadelphia, rather than just Philadelphia – other urban cities in America – for over 100 years. There are these communities that have had these beautiful animals as part of their lifeblood. At first, they used horses to deliver industrially. When the cars came, the black community kept the horses, kept them as part of the fabric of their communities. That’s why this story touched me so much because it’s about community, we all understand the community, we all come from one version of a community. But this community has a slightly different story.

A very touching film that shows the relationship between humans and horses. But also how the bond between father and son grows.

Concrete Cowboys

Netflix Free Guy

Free Guy lives in a glittering metropolis called Free City. Every morning he jumps out of bed, listens to Mariah Carey’s fantasy, and puts on a fresh blue shirt. Then he makes his way to work, a bank branch. His best friend Buddy also works there as a security guard. Guy is actually happy with his routine, even if bank robbers raid the bank several times a day.

Actually, Free Guy is just a non-player character in the Free City video game. In Free City the sunglasses people are the heroes, all NPCs like Guy live their carefree but unimportant life here in an endless loop.

One day he meets the woman of his life, Molotovgirl. He overpowers a bank robber and takes possession of his sunglasses. As a result, he can now see Free City in head-up display mode. Now his adventure begins in the game world. But Guy is not a game character, just an NPC who made it possible through the code of Life itself to develop into a real AI (artificial intelligence).

A very amusing film and suitable for the whole family.

Free Guy

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