The fate of a farm kitten. Born on a farm with his siblings. Well hidden by the mother so that nothing happens to them. They are so tiny and their eyes are still closed. The babies snuggle up close to their mother. It is warm there and they are protected. All they want is love, security, and being cared for.

But unfortunately, humans are cold and heartless. Many of the newborn babies are immediately killed, burned, drowned, or buried alive. Just brutal and hideous. Or they leave the little ones to their fate and give them no medical care. It’s just a cat.

A little story from the kitten’s point of view

“Mom, will you protect me forever? Will these people take care of us?” “My little one, I don’t know, they took your other siblings and never brought them back. I heard their screams somewhere but I never found them again. Life here at the farm is cruel, my little one.

But if you are lucky someone may come when you are older and take you to another home where you will have a better life. If you don’t get sick first.” But mom, what will become of you then? Will you one day be set free too? You’re not healthy either, mom.”

A few weeks later the little one fell ill. “Mom, my eyes hurt and I can no longer see well and I can no longer smell good with my nose either. I have trouble eating, my throat hurts so much. Mama, do I have to die now? Will people take me to a doctor?” The kitten has Pan-leucopenia and ‘cat flu and it’s getting worse and worse. Nobody cares about him and if he is not helped he will die in great pain.

Let’s change his fate together

Unfortunately, many kittens die because they simply don’t get medical care. The mother cat will also get pregnant again because she will not be neutered. Everything costs. You let them die miserably without batting an eyelid. No living being should suffer like this.

But it’s not just the farm cats. Animal misery is just everywhere. When you own an animal, you are responsible for it. If it is sick then it has to be taken care of medically. That would actually be taken for granted. You also go to the doctor if you are not feeling well. Nowadays there is also insurance for pets, which also covers major medical expenses. There is no reason not to have your animal examined.

Unfortunately, sick animals are also increasingly being abandoned. It’s so easy to get rid of your animal. What becomes of the souls then does not matter. The main thing is to get rid of it. Instead of getting help or at least taking it to the next shelter, but that is also associated with costs.

Animal rights activists and associations

Thank goodness there are animal rights activists and various organizations. The staff do a great job but don’t forget that this work is voluntary and every member has a job. The costs are mostly covered by donations, but many of the members also pay medical bills from their earnings.

Every animal rights activist and association sacrifice their free time to save the animals. Mother cats with babies abandoned and rejected animals are given a roof over their heads. They are checked for illnesses and an attempt is made to find a new home for them where they will be loved and cared for.

But that would not be necessary if every owner is aware of his duties and also fulfills them. Castration is a law and if violated the owner has to pay a fine. It’s a never-ending cycle. The stray population never decreases. And it promotes animal suffering. Most babies don’t stand a chance and die out there somewhere alone. Some are found with purulent noses and eyes, many lose their sight. You have diarrhea and are infected with parasites.

Better education

Many bring an animal into the house without being aware of the consequences. Or just out of boredom or loneliness. A Christmas present for the child or just because a kitten and puppy are so cute. But they also get bigger and older and what then? Will you get rid of them and then bring another cute animal baby into your house?

Animals have feelings like you and me too. They love, suffer, and feel. It breaks their heart if you just push them away. They then no longer understand the world. Many of them are being passed around like a challenge cup. They can’t get adjusted to the new home and will have behavioral problems later on. Therefore I urge everyone to think about beforehand whether to get an animal.

  • Do I have enough time
  • How long is my pet at home alone
  • Do I have the money for Vet expenses
  • I am ready to make sacrifices
  • Will I take care of the neutering of the cat or dog
  • I am aware that I will have a living being for the next 15-20 years that I will take care of, even if it has various age-related diseases
  • I have made enough inquiries about keeping a pet

If you can answer these questions then you are ready for a pet. Please also note that you should always take two kittens, otherwise the kitten can become lonely and later become behaviorally abnormal. Even a kitten needs a playmate and doesn’t want to sit around all day waiting for you to come home from work. Cats are social animals and not loners.

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