Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old teenager is charged with murder despite only defending his life. Innocent until proven guilty. This is how it should be and not the other way around. Presented by Facebook as mass murderers and by the president as white supremacist, condemned by the media and dragged through the dirt. Called a right-wing radical by the left. Anyone who stands behind Kyle will also be convicted. Donors lose their jobs, others are blocked on Facebook or thrown into Facebook Jail. Entire profiles are simply deleted, wiped out. You can’t even mention the name in a comment without FB telling you that you are violating community Standard.

But who is Kyle Rittenhouse? In America, he is a celebrity who does not give him any advantages. On the contrary. Bad rumors are spread about him. He is also slandered by the media and the truth is twisted. Kyle is charged with shooting two men and injuring another person. But he only acted in self-defense, as you can clearly see from the videos.

He’s not a racist, ‘Wendy Rittenhouse told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday night, her first interview since her son testified in his own defense in his murder trial.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a police supporter and advocate of law enforcement. His lawyers say he went to Kenosha to protect people and property, but prosecutors have charged him with criminal homicide and other serious offenses. Rittenhouse shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounded Gaige Großkreutz. His lawyers are calling for self-defense.

Kyle Rittenhouse Innocent

What has really happened now? Let’s go back in time a year. 23 August 2020, Wisconsin, Kenosha. The protests came after a police officer shot Jacob Blake multiple times in the back.

Blake’s arrest warrant had been in place since July 2020 on charges of third (lower) degree sexual assault, trespassing, and improper behavior in connection with domestic abuse. The woman who called 911 on Aug. 23 was the same woman who previously filed the criminal complaint alleging Blake sexually assaulted her. According to the police department, the police officers arriving at the scene had this information.

Three of Blake’s sons, ages 3, 5, and 8, sat in the car’s back seat during the act. Several witnesses filmed the event. Violent outbreaks occur for which ANTIFA and BLM are responsible. Fires are started, people are attacked, buildings are destroyed, shops are looted. In the eyes of politicians and the media, peaceful protests.

Day 1: 23 August 2020

Hundreds of people gather in the streets of Kenosha. Police officers are insulted and clashes occur. The rioters also break windows and burn 50 cars at a used car dealer. Total damage $ 1.5 million. Blake’s family distance themselves from the riot.

Day 2: August 24, 2020

A curfew will be imposed and will come into effect at 8 p.m. Fires are set in the city again. Wisconsin Corrections Department state prison building burns to the ground.

Day 3: August 25, 2020

The day that will change the life of 17-year-old Kyle forever.

What exactly happened

That night Kyle R. is with a semi-automatic rifle and other armed men in the parking lot of the used car dealership, where several cars were previously set on fire, to protect the store. Then the chaos begins. Kyle is pursued by Joseph Rosenbaum and escapes to another dealership. After shots were fired and Rosenbaum was still after Kyle, he fired 4 shots. Rosenbaum is hit in the head by a bullet.

You can hear more shots, nobody knows where they come from. Kyle calls a friend while protesters take care of Rosenbaum. Kyle leaves the scene and starts running. He falls and A. Huber hits him on the head with the skateboard and tries to disarm him. Kyle shoots him in the chest.

G. Grosskreutz comes up and threatens Kyle with the pistol. He too is shot and calls for help. Then Rittenhouse runs towards the police with his hands raised. The police make no attempt to arrest him. Rosenbaum and Huber died of their injuries.

The attackers

Joseph Rosenbaum:

A mentally ill man and a registered sex offender. When he was 18, he spent most of his adult life in prison for sexual behavior with children and struggling with bipolar disorder.

G. Grosskreutz:

With a paramedic cap, a medical bag, and a handgun, Großkreutz volunteered as a paramedic during the night. He was part of the People’s Revolutionary Movement, a social justice group based in Milwaukee, and attended the demonstration with the group.

In 2016, he was convicted of a criminal offense for being drunk and armed with a gun.
He was part of a group of activists demonstrating in Milwaukee to seek justice for George Floyd, who died on May 25, 2020.
From June 2020 to July 2020, he volunteered as a paramedic for the Black Lives Matter protests around Milwaukee.

Anthony Huber:

He was a BLM protester from Silver Lake, Wisconsin. Huber has been arrested several times on battery, drug, and other charges.

Rosenbaum, Huber, and Großkreutz were labeled as Antifa foot soldiers, financed by shadow forces, and determined to start fires and spread anarchy.

Kyle Rittenhouse Innocent

Today the court trial continues with the open statements. Then the jury will decide. Nobody knows how long that will take. It can be quick, but it can also drag on. One thing is certain, Kyle should be considered innocent until the verdict is passed. But not the other way around.

And a president should stay out of it and not interfere. Especially since he has not done anything against the unrest in his own country so far. On the contrary, he supports criminals and even condemns the police who are actually trying to keep the country safe.

A president who is incapable of making decisions leads the country into the abyss and describes right-wing groups as peaceful. We all know that BLM and ANTIFA are not peaceful groups, but destructive, violent, and blood-sucking packs.

Innocent or guilty

Today the negotiation continues and the final arguments are put forward. Then the jury will decide. Nobody knows how long that will take. It can be quick, but it can also drag on. One thing is certain, Kyle should be considered innocent until the verdict is passed. But not the other way around.

Update on Kyle

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