Biden and America. A country everyone could travel to. Immigrants were also welcome, provided they entered the country legally. Once upon a time, the United States was the country where you want to live. Unfortunately, a lot has changed for the worse since 2020.

From the Corona crisis to the new election. Crime and violence have also increased. Racism and division in society. Criminals are made victims. A pat on the hand instead of jail. What happened? People live in constant fear. Hatred is stoked everywhere. It starts at school. ‘Whites’ are labeled as privileged and supremacist. ‘Whites’ are told to be ashamed of their skin color and ancestors. Only BLM (Black Life Counts). Racism has been fought for centuries. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Black Panther, and many more have campaigned for equality and also achieved success. Now everything will be ruined.

Battle for the White House

In the new elections, Trump and Biden faced each other. The whole world watched the election campaign. Was it just a show? Has the election been manipulated? Everything indicated that Biden and his campaigners had a hand in it. Trump should actually have won, even if he had many opponents. I think Corona broke his neck too. Too many citizens were upset, saying he reacted too late. But let’s be honest. Many countries reacted too late. People have died all over the world. Do we want to blame that on Trump too?

Trump has done a lot of good in the 4 years. And yes, it was different from the previous ones. But Trump wasn’t a politician. He was a businessman. Many also forget that he did not take a salary. He really worked hard for the people and their concerns. Even if many still do not see it or want to admit it. Unlike Biden, Trump didn’t allow himself much free time. Biden, on the other hand, goes on vacation once a month to Delaware. Even though he’s only been president for 9 months.

Biden and his politics

Let’s be honest. What has Biden achieved so far? He ruined a lot. This man is too weak to be a leader. At times, Biden can’t even speak a whole sentence. To do this, he needs notes. That’s an indictment for a president. The whole world laughs at him. Instead of dealing with the problems in his own country, he prefers to go to Delaware.

The border crisis is simply ignored. They don’t exist in his eyes. People from South America come to America illegally every day. Many of them are infected with Corona, and drug dealers and gang members also have an easy time with it.

Since Biden took over the government, the crime rate has also increased in the United States. So far, Biden has not yet issued an opinion. On the contrary. He wants fewer police officers (Defund the police). At the moment, police officers in America are subjected to daily attacks.

But not a word about it from the White House. On the contrary. More hatred is being spread. The country is more divided than it has been in a long time. It started with the protests last year. Shops were looted and burned down. Innocent passers-by were brutally beaten. And for what? For criminals who resisted arrest. Convicts who shot police officers and were then shot in a firefight. This resulted in the next protest march.

Biden & Crime in America

It is only the life of colored people that counts. But let’s be honest. How do you explain the daily murder of colored people by your own people? Black-on-black crime? Yes, exactly, BLM doesn’t count there. Innocent children are shot by bullets flying around. Where is the outcry from the community? More than 250 children were shot in Chicago in 2021, 32 died. Were these children mentioned in any Biden appearance?

Chicago is actually a gun-free city and has the highest gun-related crime rate. More than 330 people were murdered in the third-largest city in the United States in the first half of the year. That is almost twice as many as in New York (176 homicides). And this is despite the fact that Chicago’s population is only about a third of New York’s.

The blame for the rise in violence are the democratic mayors and governors, who are not cracking down hard enough, as well as their calls for cuts in police funds. This has led to an explosion of shootings, manslaughter, murder, and horrific violent crime. This bloodshed must end.

America has been going downhill since Biden came to power. This man is unable to steer his country in the right direction. On the contrary. Never before has a president in America done so much damage in such a short period of time.

Biden, Persecution, Free Speech, and Public Life in America

Citizens are persecuted if they have a different political stance. See Trump Supporter. Where is the freedom of expression in that? If you are not a democrat, you have no rights either. The one-sided politics in America borders on communism. Public life is also severely restricted at the moment. Corona measures make a major contribution to this. On the other hand, there is also increasing crime. The constant fear of the citizens. Cities in which one previously felt safe are severely affected by this development. What are the causes? For the most part, the broken legal system. The systematic brainwashing.

Also the accusations from the colored fellow citizens. Nobody has to apologize for the past. Every country and every people has its own history and one should learn from it. But unfortunately too many still live in the past. There will always be oppression of mankind and races as long as one does not try to look forward and move into the future together.

Falsification of the past

Since Biden came to power, attempts have been made to erase, change and manipulate American history. Children are no longer taught in schools what actually belongs to education. If you don’t know what happened in the past, you can’t expect any changes in the future.

On the contrary, it is already given to the small children on the way that only fair-skinned people lead a privileged life in the States and the colored are oppressed. A school system is available to everyone. It just depends on the will. If you pursue your goal and fight for it, it doesn’t matter what skin color you have.

Destroying statues doesn’t really help either. That doesn’t change the history of America. Racism is taught. Whether at home or at school. Children don’t see others with the color of their skin. They play together, they learn together, they are friends. The hatred is drummed into them by the adults.

Those who still cling to slavery will never be able to lead a normal life. Unfortunately, this will also be carried over to the next generation. Therefore, togetherness instead of against each other is the best way. But this also includes a strong government and a leader who can deal with such problems. Which Biden cannot be counted as one. He’s been manipulated. He can only say what others are telling him. Which topic he cites, whether health care, border control, or the security of the country.


Slavery was by no means common among the Indians, but it was used on a larger scale among some people. The Haida and Tlingit of the southeast coast of Alaska were known as warriors and slave owners whose raids and campaigns led them as far as California. Prisoners of war were enslaved. The slave status was hereditary. For some tribes of the Pacific Northwest, about a quarter of the population was made up of slaves.

Slavery did not only exist among colored and white people. Shortly after America was discovered in 1492, the colonists enslaved the native Americans. One of the first places of intense enslavement (including the Arawaks) and slave labor was the gold mines on Hispaniola.

European colonists also enslaved Indians in the 17th century. Many of these slaves were taken from the mainland to the island colonies, especially to the ‘sugar cane islands’ in the Caribbean. Historian Alan Galley estimates that British slave traders sold between 24,000 and 51,000 Indians from the south of what is now the United States between 1670 and 1715. (Resources from Wikipedia).

But Indians also fell asleep to Afro-Americans. Cherokee and several other Indian tribes in the early 19th century bought black slaves. Cherokee-black marriages were prohibited. Other Indian peoples, such as the Seminoles, gave refuge to Afro-American slaves who had fled and accepted them into their tribal alliance as Schware Seminoles.

So who is being asked to pay reparations? Most of those who are now crying out for payments have never been through slavery in their lives. Probably not even their ancestors. I don’t think anyone has the right to claim that.


Every country has its past. People have been persecuted all over the world. Whether for religious reasons or skin color. Political attitudes or to gain freedom. Each of our ancestors suffered a similar fate. Many died in the war or for being hired. In principle, the entire population of the world would have to seek compensation.

Which is the most persecuted community globally? Clearly, they are Christians. Hundreds of millions of people – also in Europe – are affected. So it’s not just people of different skin color who suffer from persecution and oppression. Christians, too, are still heavily oppressed today.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Politik Biden contributes a lot to what is currently happening in America. The initial emphasis quickly turned into disappointment. Many voters already regret their decision. America’s leadership is weak, manipulable, and easily attacked by others. The security of the population, be it inside or outside, is not guaranteed under this leadership.

Border crisis

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