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Today’s fashion change and what do you wear? It’s not just a matter of fashion. The hairstyle and the living style have also changed tremendously. Yesterday it was still conservative, today it is more modern and colorful again.

Fashion trends 2021. These styles are in. Short minis, bralettes, and eye-catching patterns. This year, sample mixes are particularly popular. But black and white are also popular. Combine different patterns in tones of one color family. Warm shades of brown, beige, and yellow create a 70s flair.

Colors are very important these days and are worn on certain occasions. Black, gray and dark blue is considered classic colors for formal occasions. The fashion trends 2021 are suitable for everyday use and cozy. The next trend is XL fashion. But this does not mean the sizes for larger people. Wide boyfriend shirts, suits, and blazers in a super loose fit. Baggy jeans, XL chinos, or oversized hoodies. Wide fit fashion is particularly popular this year. It should also be comfortable in the home office and quarantine.

In order to maintain the silhouette, close counterparts are always suitable for large parts. A body or a tight top with wide trousers. Leather pants or leggings with an oversized hoodie.

Casual and retro

The Grunge-Style conquered the 60s and 70s and found itself again in the 80s and 90s. Dark leather and vinyl are two characteristics of this style. It is now celebrating its comeback in 2021. The classic features are oversized checked shirts and striking biker boots. Other fashion trends are also meshed fabrics, unusual trench coats, puff sleeves, or balloon sleeves.

But you also need the right shoes to go with your clothes. Or other accessories. Boots and ankle boots in shades of beige and cream are very popular this year. The shoes outgrow themselves again and can even go down to the knee. For the very brave there is the over-knee version of the Combat Boots. Kitten heels are also in great demand this year. Sandals are indispensable. This can be combined with a dress and a beautiful trendy handbag. For the autumn and winter trend, chunky ankle boots are particularly popular.


This year they are not so trendy, our accessories. On the contrary. It is mostly not used. But sunglasses are always with you. This year they are wearing butterfly sunglasses. They are very reminiscent of cat-eye sunglasses and have tapered glasses. It makes the entire outfit appear more feminine and chic. When it comes to accessories, there is a lot of emphasis on a gold and silver mix. Silver rings, bracelets, and chains are mixed with gold ones. A gold watch can also be combined with silver bracelets.

Fringed bags are also in great demand. You will take the streets. But not only suede fringes, but also sometimes plush or in an extra-long design. Bags with heavy chains are indispensable this year. Whether as a shoulder strap, application, or decorative chain. Link chains are present on bags.

Big shoppers are of course also part of it. They offer a lot of space and also look casual. Preferably in natural leather colors, so they go perfectly with every autumn boot. But backpacks have also become indispensable.

Hair Style

How do you wear hair? Which colors are modern this year? Long or short? But the style of hair does not only play an important role in women. Men’s hairstyle has changed a lot over the years. Was it more conservative in the past, men are wearing long or classic ponytails again?

In keeping with the season, there are new styles and hair colors that adapt to the temperatures. Babylights that reflect in the sun or rather the wolf cut that takes the heaviness out of your hair with its steps. In autumn there is a tendency towards the colors of the leaves. Try the Copper Bob. But hairstyles from the 80s and 90s are also making a comeback.

Fashion change and fashion trend among men

Summer bright colors and pastel tones are popular. Oversized remains popular. During Corona, you got a taste for the casual look. But pay attention to the correct proportions with the overshirt look. If the top is wide, the pants can be tighter. The trendy jersey pants with drawstring are an alternative to the old gray sweatpants. These can also be worn in the office. You can wear jersey pants with a sporty jacket or overshirt.

Lighter materials are joining the coziness megatrend. An off-white, also known as snow white or off-white, is a good choice. When you think of Off-White, think of knitwear and wool. A particularly strong combination is alternatively a rich purple and black. Both work together as a definitive style statement.

Cargo pants are also trendy. But it shouldn’t be too tight. It’s best to be relaxed and edgy. The stand-up collar is unbroken on shirts or jackets. It is best not to button up to the top, but leave it slightly open. Flannel shirts are the trend for men. Whether with zip, warming lining and above all with large checks. They are often used as a jacket in the transition period.

Retro high-top sneakers are worn as shoes this year. And to perfect the styling, a colorful down jacket. Bright colors are also used by men this year. Including a matching logo sweatshirt. These are always eye-catchers. Finally the designer belt. But the classic suit is also an indispensable part of the men’s world. Italian men’s fashion is becoming increasingly popular. Today’s clothing should not only look elegant but also sporty at the same time. The manufacturers from Italy manage to combine both elements in a special way. Today’s man wants to impress women with clothes.


Fashion change within your own four walls

When it comes to kitchens, people are striving for pastel tones and wood. Devices that work independently. Modern kitchens are multifunctional rooms. Natural materials such as wood and different types of stone never go completely out of style. Kitchens with clearly visible grained wooden fronts are in no way inferior to dark kitchen fronts in terms of modernity. They are combined with marble, concrete, or stainless steel.

Bathrooms are often furnished with marble tiles or matt surfaces, timelessly elegant in black and white. If you want to achieve a spa effect, you should not tile the walls and floor, but plaster over the entire area. Lime marble plaster feels soft and pleasant. It is ideal for wet rooms and is colored with pigments. A combination of natural and pastel tones in the furniture and accessories rounds off the look harmoniously. Matt gold metals add a bit of glamor.

Upholstered furniture, daybeds, and armchairs

Here, too, the trend is towards pastel tones combined with carpets in soft colors. Pastel colors have a calming effect. Lilac and lavender in particular are currently in vogue and can be combined with cozy elements. A fluffy pillow on the sofa or the cozy velvet-look blanket on the couch. It is best to commit to a maximum of four to five core colors that you put in the limelight.

This creates a harmonious overall impression despite the many impressions. Natural tones ground our furnishings, upholstered furniture in the colors of the sunset and structured textiles exude an exotic flair and ensure a cozy feeling. Nothing changes a room as quickly as a new carpet, knitwear, and fresh fabrics. Best structured and patterned.

How to sleep

Furniture trends for the bedroom include modern, sophisticated, and functional furniture. In the sleeping area, the bed is the central element. We spend eight hours of sleep a day or almost a third of our lives in bed. The bedroom is also being used more and more as a lifestyle and lounge. The color palette is wider than it used to be. In addition to earthy green or red tones, you also like to see warm orange or yellow. The classic remains blue in all its shades. From night to gray-blue to cooler petrol variants.

Natural and pollutant-free textiles and a striking wooden bed contribute to healthy sleep. The bed becomes a health-relevant wellness oasis. For a modern and up-to-date bedroom, you should look for neutral, classic, and trendy accents.

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