A cruel crime beyond compare. Many Twitter users reacted with disgust when it was discovered that the National Institute of Health had reportedly carried out some gruesome researches on dogs. Arrest Fauci. He spent $ 1.7 million to debark, drug, and kill 44 beagle pups. How cruel and bestial a person can be. This man has to go to prison for life.

Debarking, or devocalization is an invasive surgical procedure that involves removing a large amount of larynx tissue. It is associated with great post-operative pain. Because this procedure is unnecessary and inherently cruel, many veterinarians condemn it and refuse to perform it.

In the commissioned tests, the pups were injected with an experimental drug and force-fed for several weeks before they were killed and dissected. And that’s in the name of science? An incredible criminal offense against innocent creatures.

Beagle Puppy

Cruel and inhuman crime

The White Coat Waste Project report claimed that the experiment, which was carried out in a laboratory in Tunisia, caged the beagles with voracious sand flies. I don’t even want to imagine the agony these puppies had to go through. aaten by the insects alive. This makes my stomach turn.

The allegations should be investigated and the NIH convicted. Why is this evil monster, Fauci, still roaming free? Meanwhile, Americans are finally learning of the cruel torture of Beagle puppies by Fauci’s NIH, ignored by our biased media.

The aim of the research was to determine if the experimental vaccine prevented the dogs from becoming infected in a natural setting. The development of a vaccine to prevent leishmaniasis is an important research goal.

cruel crime
This is how the dogs were held und fed to the insects

Fauci has to go

Fauci also played a big role in the Wuhan lab. Corona was created as a biological weapon under the supervision of Fauci. He is the cause of the pandemic. And then you let him make decisions that affect the well-being and freedom of humanity.

A report released by Republican lawmakers cites ‘ample evidence’ that the lab worked to modify coronaviruses to infect people and calls for a bipartisan investigation into its origins.

Republican Senator Rand Paul also claims that US funds were used to fund research that made some viruses more contagious and deadly, a process known as ‘gain in function’.

Did the US fund virus research in China?

In addition to serving as an advisor to President Biden, Fauci is the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part of the US government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The comittee donated money to an organization that worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This organization – the US-based EcoHealth Alliance – received a grant in 2014 to study possible coronaviruses from bats.

EcoHealth received $ 3.7 million from the NIH, of which $ 600,000 went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 2019 the project was extended for another five years, but then in April 2020 after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic withdrawn by the Trump- Administration.

Cruel crime against animals and humans

MP Nancy Mace says Fauci ‘sent puppies to slaughter’ through ‘barbaric and cruel’ NIH-funded experiments.

The project reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci is an estimated $ 6 billion in 2021 and that documents show evidence of a study in which otherwise healthy beagles were treated with an experimental drug before being infected with biting flies, which were to carry a parasite known to be contagious to humans. The insects ‘literally eat Beagles alive from the neck up.

How much more evidence do we need? Even if this human beast denies everything, there is enough evidence to render him harmless for all time and lock him up. Why do you let him research further?

Corona infected human cell

Letter to Biden

On Friday, Democratic and Republican lawmakers sent a letter to Biden and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases requesting details of the suspected parasite infection of 44 beagle pups for testing of an experimental drug on them.

‘As you probably know, a cordectomy, also known as’ devocalization, ” involves severing a dog’s vocal cords to keep them from barking, howling, or screaming,’ the letter reads, explaining that this type of procedure is Rejected by organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association.

Fauci should be held accountable and locked away for a long time. This person is a monster and should be taken out before he can cause more harm.

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