You know music can be a very powerful tool. It takes people in a world of their own where they can focus on the things they are doing and enjoy them as they listen to the vocals or the beat of a song.

The result of our survey

We carried out a survey on Facebook where we asked over 100 people to engage in our post and tell us about what they think of music and if they usually prefer listening to music when they are doing work on blender.

The pro and contra

We had two groups of blender users who gave out two varying opinions on whether they love to listen to music when using Blender, and others replied that they hardly listen to music since it tends to disturb them.

What is Blender and why is music necessarily?

Blender is an open-source 3D modeling, animation software that people can freely download on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And use it for sculpting, video production, animation, and VFX effects.

Working with Blender can be tiresome, it demands concentration, dealing with a lot of options and tools. It takes time and demands full focus. Music does help people to stay motivated.

Getting bored easily could end in not finishing your project because you are losing interest. Music is like a booster to people to stay patient while rendering taking up a lot of time to finish.

From what our survey picked up, we learned that a large number of blender users really love listening to music depending on the stages of product development they are on.

What type of music people mostly like to listen to?

The evaluation of the data has shown that different music styles are preferred when working with Blender. Surprisingly a larger group of participants admitted, they are listening to Skyrim video game Music while working with Blender. Others rather listening to instrumental music without any vocals. It also depends on the development stage they are in.

Here are the statements and names of the participants:

Mike Holmes

“none, I listen or watch tv on the monitor to my right”

Jamie Dunbar

“I listen to music with minimal or no lyrics. I find voices can distract me when I need to focus.”

Jahid Hasan


Matt Sewell

“I like to focus on the task at hand rather than what’s going on around me.”

Jeremy Ward

“Rival consoles, Lorn, Robot Koch, Max Cooper, Clark, All India Radio, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator. Each has its own flavor. Mostly instrumentals.”

Nitin Sharma

“retro synth-wave”

Jarek Kossman

“monoline, any relaxation/meditation music, ambient music”

Classic Music Listener

John Huggins

“I have a strong opinion that uplifting or soothing instrumental music is the way to go for creative projects. Hence the popularity of relax/study/chill live streams. My favorites are:

  1. Tomasz Bednarczyk – Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow (ambient)
  2. Best of Bach on YouTube
  3. Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica (experimental electronic)
  4. Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians
  5. Any Four Tet album


“Classical music. Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Holt.
Then at the moment, there is no voice, it’s good. Only instrumental. Best drug on earth to drift away only with sound”


“depends on the mood of the work. Metal, Ambient, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop / R&B. Typically instrumentals in any of those genres. The vocal typically distracts me from my work but the instrumental tracks help me keep focused and inspired. I find that Drum and Bass (breakcore, liquid, jungle, etc.) keeps me motivated and inspired the most. Especially with great headphones”

Dominik Uhlíř

“Classics of current composers which became kind of mainstream nowadays but still love it I would recommend anything from Ludovico Einaudi, anything from Max Richter, especially his recomposed Quatre seasons, Phillip Glass, Hans Zimmer of course and recently I came across cool music by Olafur Arnalds”

Working without Music

Alexander Schmid

“No music while working. I am 100% into Blender or 100% into music. Both are not possible”

Yunus Rayner

“I switch on music while working but I never listen to it because I get lost in blender that everything around me disappears and gets muted. Does this happen to anyone else?”


We had honest responses from all the 87 people who choose to contribute to our little survey and share with us their honest opinion when it comes to working with Blender and listening to music. As for me I never have music on while I work with Blender. I have to listen to my instructors, so it would be way too destructive if I had some music on.

Others just need music for inspiration and to stay focus. So what do you need? Comment below and let us know.

Music and Blender

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