Lies about border control and border agents. Also massive lies about Afghanistan. The administration is hiding the failure of an unfit president. Biden is happy to spread fake news to smear patrol agents as he desperately shifts the blame on the crisis he created.

Lies about Border Control Agent

It is untrue, that Border control Agents were whipping Migrants. Talking about it is outrageous. Did he ever go there and see it with his own eyes? No, he and Kamala did not check on the border crisis at all. In fact, he needed some more vacation from a job he is not even participating in. He has a humanitarian crisis right at the border but he does not care. Now he talks about, the Border Control Agents will pay for their action. Kamala even comparing them to slavery.

Border Control Agents were risking their lives every day to do their jobs. They were never hurting anybody. Kamala and Joey both talking about consequences and accountability. Really? Nobody got fired yet for the slaughter of 13 Military Members at the Kabul Airport or the killing of 10 innocent people including 7 Kids after a drone strike.

Regular Folks came over here to the Bridge to bring Water to the Agents to talk to Law Enforcement Officials. They were bringing Food to them. Nobody was whipping the Haitians. If anything, the agents were using the reins to create distance from the Haitians. Some of them were grabbing at the horse reins. President Biden and the Administration did put a big Target on Law Enforcement, basically giving others the right to target Law Enforcement and at times that’s really strenuous for them.

Untested Migrants

How did they live under the Bridge? What’s about hygiene? Migrants actually strip down, getting naked, and wash themselves up in the River. They are getting three times meal packages delivered and Migrants still complaining that it is not enough food.

None of them were ever detained. They walk around freely. Illegals were using the bridge as a shade and just started gathering there. People there were not in border control custody until they are actually with an agent being put on a bus and taken to a processing center.

With thousands of Migrants coming across the border, they also carry diseases. With the Pandemic going on in the States, illegal Migrants did not get tested or vaccinated. Some also carrying measles and other illnesses. But Biden wants to force Americans to get vaccinated or he will punish those, who are not getting the shots.

The Biden administration might deport some of the Haitian migrants, also let others in. Individuals who are not immediately repatriated are either placed in Alternatives to Detention, detained in an ICe facility, or released with a legal document, referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is unclear how many of the migrants are being allowed into the country and how many are being deported.

Border Crisis done on purpose?

The only people he wants to hold accountable for the mess at the border are his own border agents for doing their job. He put them in this Position lies about what they are doing. Biden lies about their actions. If you try to get a mass exodus from the border Patrol and quit and lose Morale, this is a great way to do it. To blame them.

Do you know who else isn’t held accountable? All the people illegally crossing our border. The unvaccinated and the people with covid. These people infiltrating the country and lying about their Asylum claims. They aren’t held accountable. But Joey does not care about that. They are doing it on purpose.

Mayorkas was on the Record yesterday bragging about how there are too many of Trump’s policies that they have rescinded to even count. And then they are surprised it caused a mass migration.

We know about 1400 have been taken back to Haiti. We do not know how many were released into the United States. But it is in the thousands and we cannot get exact numbers and yet we know they do have the numbers. Everybody is focused on the Haitians right now. These are mostly single Men. It is easier to deport them under title 42 or other immigration laws.

Don’t lose sight of the fact what well over a million encounters have occurred this year. And they won’t give us numbers on how many of them have been released. That will be in the hundreds of thousands. What does that mean? It means a population the size of the eighth-largest city in America has infiltrated our country and this administration does not care. Joey is willingly refusing and deliberately refusing to Enforce Laws.

Lies about Afghanistan

Up to 100.000 people remain in Afghanistan, including US citizens and green-card holders. In a land where nothing is guaranteed. Taliban shot people like birds. Tens of thousands of Afghans are still stranded behind enemy lines. The US government keeps insisting that only 100 Americans are left, even as it’s now claiming to have gotten nearly that many out. And the State Department is only now noting that while it doesn’t track US green-card holders, several thousand of them are still trapped.

Now, a group of thousands of individuals with different areas of expertise but one common goal are working to get Americans and allies out of the country through an online network that has become known as “digital Dunkirk.”

Biden and Taxes

Does everybody still remember when they ask Trump for his Tax Return? But little did you know, that Biden could owe as much as $500k in back taxes? Biden is leading a Democratic push for a $3.5 trillion bill to subsidize child care, education, and health care by targeting tax avoidance and raising tax rates on higher incomes so the rich “pay their fair share.”

In 2017, multimillionaire Joe Biden skirted his payroll taxes, the very taxes that fund Medicare and Obama Care. According to the criteria CRS provided, Biden owes the IRS and the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. Every American should know about Joe Biden’s tax hypocrisy.

POTUS and first lady Jill Biden routed more than $13 million through S corporations and counted less than $800,000 of it as salary eligible for the Medicare tax — exempting the rest from what would have been a 3.8 percent rate, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Joey doesn’t really believe in expanding programs like Medicare and ObamaCare, because he thought buying a second multimillion-dollar mansion, and renting a third, was more important than helping to fund those laws.

Covering the lies of his Son Hunter

How can you trust a president or even vote for a person whose son is a predator? Preying on underage girls. Drug addicted and bragging about it on the internet? How can you ignore that? It’s a fact. The only ones who are lying about it are Joe and Hunter. This is the biggest corruption. And he gets away with it.

Hunter while filming his sex expeditions was caught confessing to a woman (prostitute) that he fears the Russian drug dealers have stolen his laptop. The video is from January 2019 when Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent “18 days going around from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,” sometimes spending $10,000 a night.

Hunter Biden obsessed with prostitution and pornography

Several pictures were recovered by the forensic agency from the second laptop of Hunter Biden that was seized by federal agents. In one photo, he was seen pulling a woman by her hair while she bent on her knees in a sexually suggestive position. Joe Biden’s son also had a profile (username RHEast) on the pornography website, Pornhub. His account had 66 award badges, and a badge for having over 50 subscribers, watching 500 videos, and watching porn in HD.

The hard drive of the laptop also contained explicit videos of him starring in porn films. He primarily used his laptop webcam to shoot videos and also took footage using his iPad and cell phone. He would leave the webcam on after filming sex scenes and re-watched the footage on his computer. Hunter even uploaded a family member’s naked butt to Pornhub.

All this is happening under Biden’s watch. Joe is in the office for about 8 months now and look, how much damage he already did to the country.

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