As one computer said, if you’re on the train, and they say Portal Bridge, you know you better make other plans

Joe Biden, U.S. President

Biden’s stumbling, mumbling reading of a teleprompter, excited laughter among the population and in other countries. The population has had enough of his leadership that divides and destroys the country. His regulations, the preference for illegal aliens, and the brainwashing of children. See critical race theory. They get rid of displeasure in slogans and songs.

As one song says it all

‘Let’s go, Brandon’. The most played song in the states right now. The number one Hit on the Charts. The song even pushed Adele out of her first place. But what’s behind this song? Who is the singer and why is it so popular? When you hear the song, you will know what the singer is trying to express with it. But not only did this song reaches the media. Bryson Gray. His “Let’s Go Brandon” song reached the number one spot on iTunes, even after being banned from YouTube.

Biden’s leadership style annoys a lot of citizens. His odds are going down. He’s talking weird stuff or he misreads the teleprompter. The citizens don’t put up with anything anymore. They rise up against Biden’s one-sided policy. A new kind of rebellion was started. And what’s the best way to get a message of displeasure? You sing about it. One of the rappers who stands in the way of Biden and his politics is Forgatio Blow. But he is not the only one.

Already in January, there were songs by rappers who protested against the Biden government. On January 6, 2021, “The Patriot”, A song by two military veterans, charted at #3 on Hip Hop, #4 in R&B/Hip Hop, and #36 in all digital songs. Two weeks later, it was removed from all streaming services without explanation.

Recently they made a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song too.

As the phrase goes viral

Critics of President Joe Biden have come up with a cryptic new phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” which acts as a stand-in for swearing at the Democratic Leader. The phrase took off after a reporter at a NASCAR race mischaracterized a “F*** Joe Biden” chant from the crowd as support for driver Brandon Brown. Now, Republicans of all stripes – even in Congress – are saying “Let’s Go Brandon” when they want to insult the President without hurling obscenities.

Revolution against the administration, Biden’s leadership, mandatory vaccination and so much more, can be found in the lyrics of these songs. They want to open the eyes of the population, they want to be heard. Much is kept secret by the mainstream media, or the truth is twisted.

Lyrics of a revolution

By government swallowing up everything that media tells you without a question or a problem all of these sheep being slaughtered They poison the water, removing the father Aint trusting these doctors, Ignoring blue-collar, Keep printing the dollar Brainwashing your sons and your daughters ain’t got any honor If I’m being honest…I just ain’t picking a side But I’m down to ride for my freedoms And die for your freedoms and question

The government lies. A lot on my mind, and so little time. GOD, I think all of us need a sign. The devil he Hides in EGO and PRIDE. They selling their souls but they paying the price GOD won’t give you more than you can handle Government should be dismantled Every politician got a scandal Prepare for this war, we go to battle.

This is a War

The new revolution. The other way of War. A fight without guns, the words are the weapon. Musicians from in-and-out of the states show their disagreement with this new form of dictatorship.

This is a war that we living through They won’t reveal to you that they have all slowly been killing you, They don’t tell you what the hell you agreeing to Sheep in a herd and you don’t know who leads you Keep on proceeding to follow Your mind is hallow While you being coddled.

[Liyrcs and song by Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – This Is A War]

Try to brainwash us, but we won’t let freedom die
The whole world’s brainwashed
(Everybody picks a team, start a riot in the streets)
The whole world’s brainwashed
(It’s us against them, it ain’t you against me)

Half the country fell asleep but they scream woke
We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows
Politics, celebrity, gossip, popular neat quotes
Black lives, white lives, which lives to mean most?

We only dedicate one day to remembering our fallen soldiers
The men and women who died young
But if you come out of the closet as Caitlyn Jenner
You’re a hero and you get a whole Pride month

[brainwashed by Tom MacDonald a Canadian Rapper. ]

This is exactly what is going on right now.

The use of a phrase

They say or shout Let’s Go, Brandon, but what they mean is a vulgar insult to incumbent President of the United States Joe Biden. This slogan, which sounds like a cheer, spreads at public events, in bars, and especially on the Internet. But those who call it, sing it, wear it as a T-shirt or use it as a hashtag want to express their hatred of Biden. Because the expression is meant as a synonym for the phrase ‘F**** you, Joe Biden’.

The gesture has now spread to the American Parliament. Republican MP Jeff Duncan of South Carolina was walking around the Capitol wearing a mask with this label on it. And Republican Congressman Bill Posey ended his speech on October 21 by cheering on that Brandon and waving his fist up. Donald Trump’s Company, Save America PAC, selling T-Shirts with the Print over a US flag like this: ‘#FJB or Let’s Go, Brandon’.

All of this has unfortunate consequences for the real Brandon. He drives for an understaffed, underfunded team that his father owns. After the race, he said that a dream had come true for him. But sponsors and advertising partners have avoided it since the slogan’s ‘career’.

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