With the 3G and now also 5G measures of the new government, there is more and more division in society. The politicians want to put more pressure on the population to tighten the compulsory vaccination. This in turn violates the law of free choice. The government wants to make us their puppets. This results in a division in society.

Unvaccinated people live on the fringes of social life. They are denied visits to events, the cinema, restaurants, and other things. Normal life is no longer possible. You have to be tested for everything. Now they also want to introduce 3G in the workplace, which will come into force on November 1st.

If physical contact with other people at the respective place of work cannot be ruled out, proof of vaccination, recovery, or testing will be required in the future. A transition period applies up to and including November 14th: all those without 3G proof must wear an FFP2 mask at all times until then.

Review of 3G in the workplace

Employers and employees are responsible for compliance with the measures. The controls should be carried out on a random basis. In the event of a violation, there is a risk of administrative penalties: for employees up to 500 euros, for employers up to 3,600 euros. The government wants to contain the rising corona numbers with the 3G proof and contribute to a higher vaccination rate.

They speak of “fairness”. Until now only the leisure sector has been affected, it is now time to implement the regulation in the labor sector as well. But what does that mean for us? How many employees will resist this and what are the consequences? Is a normal life still feasible? The government wants to manipulate us with restrictions and regulations and with the deprivation of free decisions about body, mind, and life. They want power and control.

5G and what it means

Difficult times are ahead for those who refuse to be vaccinated. The federal government and state representatives are fixing two new escalation levels. But what does that mean for the population? To put it bluntly, if the intensive care units became more stressful, there would be a “lockdown” for those who were not vaccinated. It would start from two stages.

  • With 25 percent utilization of the intensive care beds, 2G is to be introduced for restaurants, hotels, events as well as hospital and care visits. That means either vaccinated or recovered.
  • With 300 occupied beds, there is level 2. This is then a 2G rule for events without assigned seats with more than 500 people. Only those who have been vaccinated or recovered will be admitted.
  • Level 3 from 400 beds only vaccinated, convalescent or people with a current PCR test.

Sharp criticism of the plans was expressed on the evening of FPÖ chairman Herbert Kickl. “The federal government is at the end of its game. Now she is starting a desperate attack on the population with the preparation of protective custody for the unvaccinated, ”he said in a written statement to the APA. “This is a step that recalls the darkest chapters in our history. With the threat of deprivation of liberty, people are supposed to be blackmailed into the vaccination issue ”, so his allegation. ‘What we see here is a government in the corruption corner that is apparently going nuts.’ (Apa)

Contagion despite 3G

What do the statistics tell us? The numbers are increasing despite vaccinations, measures, and regulations. Despite the vaccinations, we still have to wear the FFP2 masks. The vaccinations do not help against infection either. But what makes the whole situation even more dangerous, that vaccinated people do not have to be tested. In contrast to those who were not vaccinated and who can prove that they are negative through a test, there is no evidence from the vaccinated.

Vaccination only helps to moderate the course of the disease but does not stop the outbreak. Since vaccinated people can carry the virus in themselves and thus infect others, it would make sense that this group should also undergo a test instead of punishing the unvaccinated and coercing them.

Far more people have some protection, especially through the vaccinations, which around two-thirds of people have taken. On the other hand, the delta variant is more infectious and also ensures that the likelihood of a severe course is increased. But neither artificial nor naturally infected immunity is perfect. In Austria, around 1,500 people were infected again within a year by the end of August.

3G & 5G, Corona, and our children

Our children as guinea pigs. 4,500 children are being observed in the study with the vaccine from Biotech-Pfizer, the study of five to eleven-year-olds is already in phase three, in which decisions can be made about the effectiveness of vaccination.

However, children receive a significantly lower dose than adults, namely a third. The under-five-year-olds get a tenth of the adult dose. Children also receive a refresher after three weeks. With the lower dosage one tries to reduce the risk of side effects, since the immune system of children usually reacts more strongly than that of adults.

Our children are controlled by the state. Soon we will no longer have a say in raising our children in Austria either. Take America as an example. A senile president, who himself only serves as a puppet, allows parents to be persecuted who defend themselves against the government and the school system. Biden uses the FBI to take action against the legal guardians. They are denied a say in the education of their children. They become state property and are brainwashed.

3G - Corona Virus in the lab
Corona a biological weapon, made in the Beijing laboratory, was released on the market. This virus was developed under the supervision of Fauci who now denies everything.

When does the outcry come and when will we say ‘enough is enough?’ It’s five minutes to twelve. If we don’t act now, it will soon be too late.

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